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This page shows you, the business owner, the many different options we offer to help you get noticed by the people of Rexburg. These options allow you the perfect advertising option for your budget. To advertise with us, please email our sales department at

FREE Option

0/Month, 1x Height
The free option is here to give vital information to the members of our community. This information includes, business name, address, business hours, and phone number. And, because we want all the businesses of the community on the Local Business Directory, we have made this option completely free, no strings attached.

Now Hiring Option - The now Hiring option is only available from the Deluxe option and above. It is an extra $5 a month, and it gets you listed in the Now Hiring section of our site.

Deluxe Option

15/Month, 2x Height
The Deluxe option is the perfect way to quickly make your business stick out. With nothing more than a logo, and optional website link, and a 100 letter advertisement your business will become much more noticeable. A great, inexpensive, option to get your business noticed.

Premium Option

30/Month, $100 Setup/Design, 2x Height
The Premium option gives your ad more flexibility, and makes your business shine a little brighter. Our staff will design your ad based on what you want, so that you can have a completely professional and custom ad. A great option for those businesses that want more attention.

Premium+ Option

50/Month, $100 Setup/Design, 3x Height
The Premium+ option is just like the Premium option, except that the image size is taller. This allows your ad to be the focus of the page. It's perfect for those businesses who really want the attention.

"Support your Local Business" Option
75/Month, $100 Setup/Design, 3x Height
The "Support your Local Business" section of each page allows you the most powerful advertising option of all. Each page allows for as many ad's as needed, however, to keep the size of the page down, and to keep the prices down, each ad is only shown 50% of the time (randomly alternating with another ad). Or, for $125 a month the ad will fill both of the 2 slots. This option is perfect for any business who want to be regularly noticed. Also a great place to put coupons.

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